Hey! I’m Simon, a 25-year-old dude from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I have a University Diploma in Visual Effects from Campus i12 and for the past 1.5 year I’ve been an intern and working at the VFX studio Swiss in Stockholm.

Since my early teenage years I’ve had a big passion to create amusing visual designs and content both for myself and others. During this time, me and a couple of friends started recording ourselves playing video games to later upload the highlights to YouTube. Since I was the less skillful gamer, I decided to pick up the role as an editor for all of our crazy gamer moments instead. I fell in love with it quickly and further on I started making my own short clip edits, motion designs and other forms of editing that aren't necessarily gaming related. I sometimes even make short little clips of myself cooking food.

When I first came to Campus i12 I had the intention to become a compositor, but my constant strive of learning directed me towards the 3D orientation of studies which the school had to offer instead. Today I’m a 3D artist with generalist skills.

When I’m not creating or learning I enjoy watching movies, vibing to music, playing video games with my friends and lifting weights at the gym.

If you want to talk please shoot me an email!

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